Oral Medicine & Radiology

Oral medicine and radiology is a speciality in dentistry that focuses on the diagnosis ,non surgical management of medically related disorders or conditions affecting the oral and maxillofacial regions. These conditions include oral mucosal diseases ,oral manifestations of systemic conditions and oral sequelae of systemic conditions. Branch also deals with early detection of cancerous and precancerous lesions affecting oral cavity. Oral radiology is the integral part of subject,deals with acquisition of radiograph and interpretation of radiographic findings.Intraoral radiograph ,skull views,TMJ radiography and sialography.

Specialised imaging techniques such as computed tomography, tomography, magnetic resonance imaging,ultrasonography are theoretically taught.Subject also deals with using clinical and radiographic knowledge in forensic identification and age estimation

Faculty List:

No. Name Department Designation
1 Dr. Nishi Mishra MDS Professor
2 Dr. Divakar Mishra MDS Lecturer
3 Dr. Madhuri Gupta MDS Lecturer
4 Dr. Amrita Gupta MDS Reader
5 Dr. Dharmendra Yadav MDS Tutor
6 Dr. Sarvjeet MDS  
7 Dr. Varsha Chaudhary MDS Tutor
8 Dr. Dheeraj Gupta MDS Tutor

Dr. Nishi Mishra

Dr. Divakar Mishra

Dr. Madhuri Gupta

Dr. Amrita Gupta

Dr. Dharmendra Yadav

Dr. Sarvjeet